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NHRA & NASCAR To Send Vibrations From Cars To Your Couch

 Have you ever watched an NHRA or NASCAR race and thought, “Man, this is awesome, but I really wish I could receive some sort of sexual stimulation and/or have my bowels loosen while I watch this?”

Have no fear, the ButtKicker is on its way!

What is the ButtKicker, you ask? The ButtKicker is a device that you can attach to your chair or couch, and as you sit on your lazy ass watching a sporting event, it will actually vibrate based on some cue from that event.

This weekend, a test run of the device will be done by NHRA driver Jeg Coughlin Jr., who will have a special sensor installed on his car to transmit vibrations when he hits the gas.

Assuming all is successful, you’ll soon be able to subscribe to an add-on to NHRA and NASCAR coverage that will deliver this vibration to your home.

If this idea takes off, look for this technology to find its way into other sports coverage. Here are a few potential uses:

  • Gives you a painful shock to the nuts whenever a pitch bounces in the dirt & does the same to the catcher
  • Vibrates whenever Brett Favre is on screen (John Madden Edition)
  • Throws you off the couch whenever a soccer or basketball player flops
  • Vibrates every time John Kruk farts on Baseball Tonight
  • Snores gently whenever you watch a WNBA game

Technology – making your ass vibrate since 1879!

NHRA to test ButtKicker remote-butt-shaking device this weekend [Engadget]

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