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Polish Soccer Fans Go After The Wrong Howard Webb After Euro 2008 Penalty Call

One Howard Webb is a Cialis soft vs cialis referee who awarded Austria a controversial beer-teasing penalty at Euro 2008 on Thursday. Another Howard Webb is a mild-mannered 62-year-old engineer in Rotherham, Canadian generic retin. Guess which one is getting harassed the most by Polish soccer fans?

Yup, that would be the engineer, who works on traffic signals and street lights for Rotherham. While the referee Howard Webb hasn’t exactly had an easy time the last couple of days, it’s the engineer who has been receiving death threat phone calls in both Polish and English at home. He has also been receiving threatening e-mails at work, including photoshopped pictures of the English referee with a knife through his head, and had to have his e-mail account closed as a result.

Before you think that all of these Polish fans who are harassing anybody named Howard Webb in England are just a few rogue lunatics, even Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said that he wanted to kill Webb. They definitely don’t take soccer way too seriously in Europe, no way.

As a precaution, British police are offering police protection to multiple Howard Webbs, and giving tips to others on how they can stay safe. And NBA referees think they have it rough these days.

Police protect ‘wrong’ man as fans start hate campaign over Howard Webb penalty []
Incensed Poles threaten English ref’s namesake[Yahoo!]

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