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Utah State Aggies Change T-shirt Slogan

Utah State University students have been forced to change the slogan on the back of their 2008-9 Aggies basketball and football t-shirts after their original idea was deemed too offensive.

The offending slogan? “I’m Proud of My A.”

Clearly this is something that should not be allowed. Tiffany Evans, director of the campus Student Involvement and Leadership Center said,  “We don’t want anyone to say, ‘Um, I probably can’t wear that or I feel uncomfortable wearing that.’ We want it to be unifying. We don’t want it to have to cross someone’s mind, ‘Oh, I like the shirt, but no.”‘

After much consideration, the students & administrators agreed on a new slogan: “I’m Proud of the A.”

There is no possible way that anybody could interpret that in any offensive manner, so well done to the Aggies on cleaning that up. We as Americans must maintain constant vigilance over rogue 1st person singular possessive adjectives.

For those who are curious, the fronts of the t-shirts say “Go Blue or Go Home.” For some reason, the first choice slogan “I Blue Myself” didn’t make it past the Utah State censors.

Aggie shirt slogan is tweaked (Deseret News)

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