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Horse Goes On Rampage at British Horse Show

Over the past few days, PETA has quite vocally condemned the death of Eight Belles at the Kentucky Derby.

Many have cried, “Who will stick up for these poor innocent horses?”

There is a much darker side to this tale. These supposedly defenseless animals do not need your sympathy. They are quite capable of are taking matters into their own hooves.

At a heavy horse show in Hampshire, England, a horse bolted while parading and rampaged through a crowd of people, doubtlessly seeking revenge for Eight Belles’ death.

Witness Alan East said: “You could see the horse didn’t look happy as it was being paraded around, it was kicking out. Then it careered off round the field and suddenly crashed through a fence and it was away. People were screaming as they saw it coming.”

Six people total were injured, including a pregnant woman who went into shock and two bystanders who suffered broken ankles and were euthanized taken to the hospital.

For those keeping score, that’s 2 broken ankles for humans, and 2 broken ankles for horses in this week of bloodshed. When will this senseless cycle of violence end? And which side will the centaurs be on?

Six hurt as horse bolts at crowd (BBC News)

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