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When Your Eye Hits My Moon Like a Big Pizza Pie, That’s Amore

Who says romance is dead? Not Michigan lacrosse player Kristoff Wennersten and his Huron High School teammates, who took time during a school soccer match to ask a girl to the prom – by spelling out “Will You Go To The Prom With Me? Yes or No” on their asses.

The stunt earned the boys a suspension from the team and community service time.

As far as the lucky (?) lady, Carolyn Campbell, she said yes, and had no problems with the unique way she was asked, describing it as “cute”. Now there’s a sweet story to tell the grandkids someday.

School officials, being deeply offended by buttocks, did not think the stunt was cute or sweet. Huron athletic director Dottie Davis said, “Inappropriate is inappropriate. It disrespects women, and that’s the clear message we need to have the students understand – what may be fun to them isn’t necessarily fun to everyone else.”

Damn right. Who needs people having fun? Score another one for the uptight prudes of the world. Newsflash: we all have asses, and from time to time, we can’t help but write on them. It’s in our genes.

Editorial note: This blog post was originally written across my ass cheeks, but then I realized nobody would be able to read it that way. Stupid Internet and its lack of gluteal communications devices.

Moonstruck: Huron High lacrosse players bare it all to help teammate win prom date (The Ann Arbor News)

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