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Photos from Yesterday’s Olympic Non-Torch Non-Relay in San Francisco

Yesterday’s Olympic torch relay through San Francisco was a disappointment for nearly everyone who attended, though that didn’t stop me from getting some photos of everything going on. 

Protesters, who were there to champion such causes as Darfur, Tibet and the Golden State Warriors (seriously, there was a guy with a “Go Warriors!” sign), weren’t able to voice their views in front of the Chinese delegation and torchbearers.

On the other side, those supporting the Olympics, many of whom were apparently bused in from all over California, didn’t get to see the torch go by either.

No matter which side you stand on, it’s a shame that nobody got to see it. Not getting to actually see the torch didn’t stop protesters and supporters alike from voicing their views though. For the most part, despite some yelling and a bit of pushing, things were pretty peaceful. All the troublemakers must have been at home playing ESPN’s torch game.

I’m not entirely sure who won here. Certainly not either of those groups of people. The city of San Francisco and Chinese government won because there were no incidents. Hiding the torch and taking it around by bus is hardly the story anybody wanted to be writing though (but I’d imagine they are hearing how wonderful it all was in China). Their ideal grand photo op didn’t really take place. Van Ness is hardly the most picturesque place in the city, certainly nothing like what the Embarcadero would have been.

Instead, the torch was hidden away and taken to undisclosed location after undisclosed location like Dick Cheney.  And a day that was about something to a whole lot of people turned out to be a whole lot of nothing.

But hey, at least some people were smiling.

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