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Chinese Olympic Womens Soccer Coach Fired Through E-Mail

Coaches get fired all the time, but the French coach of China’s Olympic women’s soccer team, Elisabeth Loisel, got canned in an especially classy way: through her e-mail.

Loisel said, “I had doubts when I received the e-mail, so I decided to go to China according to the schedule. But I knew the truth at the last moment that the e-mail had actually been sent by the CFA. So I think it would not make any difference if I went to China.”

Probably a good move there.

Everyone is lucky though that her e-mail actually made it through and didn’t get stuck in a spam filter. That would have been embarrassing if she had actually gone to China still thinking she had a job just because her pink slip got sandwiched between e-mails titled “You need to improve your little friend” and “Today small main organ is not a trouble.” (Thanks Gmail Spam)

Come to think of it, that last one sounds like it was written by someone whose first language is not English. I think I know what the Chinese soccer officials do with their e-mail accounts when not firing their coaches.

China fires women’s Olympic coach by e-mail (Yahoo!)

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