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Super Bowl Week Draws to a Close with Some Help From Ray Lewis & Hines Ward

Following last night’s Super Bowl victory by the New York Giants over the New England Patriots, Ray Lewis & Hines Ward hosted a charity gala at the Phoenix Art Museum. Dubbed “MVP Main Event: Cephalexin uses’s Finest,” the party honored Super Bowl MVPs, past and present.

Unfortunately, neither Super Bowl XLII MVP Eli Manning, nor his brother Peyton attended. This was the first time the event had been held, and while the concept is great, it may take some time before it is an event that all MVPs attend. Still, it raised a lot of money for charities that Ray Lewis & Hines Ward are involved in. Plus meat martinis were served. Which is great if you’re avoiding alcohol and just want some beef in a glass.

While there might not have been many Super Bowl MVPs there, yours truly was, thanks to an invite from a friend.

Here are some photos from the MVP Party, featuring a performance by Common. As you will see, had there been a flood in the museum, there would have been plenty of flotation devices readily available.


While the party might not have been as crazy or celebrity filled as the Playboy or Maxim parties, it was still fun in its own way.

A pretty damn good Super Bowl week has drawn to a close. There might be a lot of extraneous happenings, but everything certainly made this place a lot more interesting than it normally is. Thank you to everyone who helped make it a good time, from everyone I talked to at the Deadspin Super Bowl Party on Thursday, to the New York Giants winning the game itself. A grateful nation thanks you for keeping us from having to hear about a perfect Patriots season from now until the end of time. I might be a Cardinals fan now, but being originally from New York, I still like the team. This Super Bowl will be remembered as one of the best.

Only 7 months until we start it all again.

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