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David Beckham Gets a Posh Naked Lady Tattoo

Tattoos of a pretty naked lady are always classy. David Beckham doesn’t just have any old naked lady inked on his body though.

No, the Los Angeles Galaxy and England midfielder recently got a 6-inch arm tattoo of his wife, Posh Spice, reclining naked.

While some might say, “Awww, David Beckham is honoring his wife and wants to be reminded of her always!,” notice one thing.

With the direction the tattoo is facing, it will always be upside down to him (unless he can contort himself in odd ways I don’t want to imagine). His new $5000 tattoo is purely for the enjoyment of others.

Now that’s classy.

Not to be outdone, Posh apparently got a stupid tattoo of her own. At least those two deserve each other.

Now Victoria Beckham reveals HER new tattoo…on the inside of her wrist (Daily Mail)

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