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Fan uses Tecmo Super Bowl to predict this year’s Super Bowl result

Someone with a bit too much free time played this year’s Super Bowl on the classic game Tecmo Super Bowl using updated rosters and info. That’s not a condemnation, since what would the internet be without people with too much time on their hands? Anyway, the game had what might be a shocking outcome to some:

Yes, Rex Grossman leads the way as the Bears crush the Colts!

The final: Bears 49, Colts 21

You can’t get more scientific than that.

To read the rest of the commentary and see screenshots and video from the game, head off to the original post on the NFLFans community on LiveJournal. If reading this has made you nostalgic for the glory that is Tecmo Super Bowl, I recommend (say goodbye to your weekend).

Source: NFLFans on LiveJournal (original post by wolfhugger)

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