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Go Daddy Super Bowl Ad Rejected by Fox Because it Used the Word "Beaver"

Fox has rejected Internet services company Go Daddy’s first choice television commercial for this year’s Super Bowl. The reason? It included the word “beaver.”

The ad featured Go Daddy girls Candice Michelle and Danica Patrick, as well as animated and animatronic beavers emerging from cars. If that wasn’t enough for you, some other models were included as well.

According to CEO Bob Parsons, the company “refused to bend and refer to the beaver as ‘whiskers’ or ‘furry friend’ or as a ‘little engineer that specializes in building small dams.’ Darn it. There’s simply nothing wrong with calling a beaver, a beaver!”


While the ad won’t see TV time due to Fox’s hatred of semi-aquatic mammals, Go Daddy will still air an ad that will point viewers to their website, where they will be able to view the uncensored ad starting on Super Bowl Sunday.

This issue raises one question: What will Fox do if Oregon State reaches the BCS Championship Game?

Go Daddy: Cleaner ad to air during Bowl (AZ Central)

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