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Former NFL Player Will Not Be Able to Host Childrens Charity Event at Strip Club

Some combinations, like peanut butter & jelly, Mike & Mike, rum & coke, and Jack & Meg White work well together. Others, like children & strip clubs, maybe not so much.

Former Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Adrian Ross just wants to help kids. So he decided that the best way to raise funds for his charity that mentors children with football and literacy camps would be to hold a 9-night benefit – at the Pink Cabaret strip club in Glendale during Super Bowl week.

Putting the appropriateness of hosting an event to benefit children at a strip club aside, there was another problem: Ross needed the event to be able to serve alcohol. The Pink Cabaret does not have a liquor license because its dancers are completely nude.

Ross’ charity, the Maddbackers Foundation, and the Pink Cabaret petitioned the city to allow for a special event license, something that has been granted for many other events in the next couple of weeks, but to no avail. The City unanimously agreed to not grant the license, even though the club said the dancers would not be nude during the event.

As a result, the strip-a-thon will not go forward. The kids will not get their giant stack of $1 bills.

And now you know why every decent Super Bowl party will be in Scottsdale or Tempe and not in Glendale itself.

Won’t someone please think of the children?

Special-event liquor license for strip club rejected (AZ Central)

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  • tatianatownes

    I think they should have granted the permit even for i night, its for a cause. please think of the children who need our help.

    Tatiana Townes,
    State of Illinois Donate a Car
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