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If You’re Grabbing For Your Balls, Make Sure Your Hand Doesn’t Get Stuck

Two men from Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic are embarrassed but safe after the fire department had to save them during a friendly game of pool.

The Czech mates were trying to recover a stuck ball, but their hands somehow became wedged in the billiards table along with the ball.

While the two guys were panicking about being stuck in the table, everyone else did the right thing and just stood there laughing at them.

The fire department was called, and they had to dismantle the table to rescue the two men.

After he made his requisite update regarding the situation, fire department spokesman Frantisek Petr said, “If I’d been there I’d have roared with laughter too. Some cases are just entertaining.”

No word if the real Budweiser (Budweiser Budvar AKA Czechvar) was involved, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say yes.

Firemen arrive on cue to rescue pool players trapped in a table (Monsters & Critics)

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