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Vintage Video Vault: Canucks & Flyers Fight Over Who Has the Ugliest Jerseys

This weekend, back in 1980, the Philadelphia Flyers set an NHL-record with their 35th straight game without a defeat. After losing 9-2 to the Atlanta Flames on October 13, 1979, the Flyers did not lose again until January 7, 1980.

Today’s trip to the Vintage Video Vault takes us to Canada for a game that was played that same season, after the streak was over, on February 22, 1980 between the Vancouver Canucks and Philadelphia Flyers.

In that game, both benches cleared in a melee that lasted for several minutes. And yes, the goalies fight.

Grab yourself a cold beverage of your choice, sit down, and watch 9 minutes of old-time hockey fun.

The full list of penalties from that night, from the Hockey Summary Project:

PHI|1|2:06|Paul Holmgren|2|Hooking
PHI|1|4:27|Bobby Clarke|2|Hooking
PHI|1|10:20|Bobby Clarke|2|Slashing
PHI|1|19:43|Paul Holmgren|5|Fighting (maj)
VAN|1|19:43|Williams|5|Fighting (maj)
PHI|2|6:24|Frank Bathe|5|Fighting (maj)
PHI|2|6:24|Frank Bathe|2|Holding
VAN|2|6:24|Butler|5|Fighting (maj)
PHI|2|8:03|Mel Bridgman|5|Fighting (maj)
VAN|2|8:03|Williams|5|Fighting (maj)
PHI|2|8:51|Jimmy Watson|2|Hooking
PHI|3|0:15|Brian Propp|2|Hooking
PHI|3|10:43|Mel Bridgman|2|Roughing
PHI|3|10:43|Mel Bridgman|2|Roughing
PHI|3|10:43|Mike Busniuk|5|Fighting (maj)
PHI|3|10:43|Phil Myre|2|Goalie leave crease
VAN|3|10:43|Hughes|5|Fighting (maj)
VAN|3|10:43|Lindgren|10|Game misconduct
PHI|3|11:09|Phil Myre|2|Tripping
PHI|3|14:30|Bob Dailey|5| (maj)
PHI|3|14:30|Bob Dailey|10|Game misconduct
PHI|3|14:30|Bob Dailey|2|
PHI|3|14:30|Frank Bathe|10|Game misconduct
PHI|3|14:30|Frank Bathe|2|
PHI|3|14:30|Frank Bathe|2|
PHI|3|14:30|Jimmy Watson|10|Game misconduct
PHI|3|14:30|Jimmy Watson|2|
PHI|3|14:30|Mel Bridgman|5| (maj)
PHI|3|14:30|Mel Bridgman|10|Game misconduct
PHI|3|14:30|Mel Bridgman|2|
PHI|3|14:30|Mike Busniuk|5| (maj)
PHI|3|14:30|Mike Busniuk|10|Game misconduct
PHI|3|14:30|Mike Busniuk|10|Game misconduct
PHI|3|14:30|Mike Busniuk|2|
PHI|3|14:30|Paul Holmgren|5| (maj)
PHI|3|14:30|Paul Holmgren|10|Game misconduct
PHI|3|14:30|Pete Peeters|5| (maj)
PHI|3|14:30|Pete Peeters|10|Game misconduct
PHI|3|14:30|Phil Myre|5| (maj)
PHI|3|14:30|Phil Myre|10|Misconduct (10 min)
PHI|3|14:30|Phil Myre|2|
VAN|3|14:30|Gillis|5| (maj)
VAN|3|14:30|Gillis|10|Game misconduct
VAN|3|14:30|Hanlon|5| (maj)
VAN|3|14:30|Hanlon|10|Game misconduct
VAN|3|14:30|Logan|5| (maj)
VAN|3|14:30|Logan|5| (maj)
VAN|3|14:30|Logan|10|Game misconduct
VAN|3|14:30|Logan|10|Game misconduct
VAN|3|14:30|McCarthy|10|Game misconduct
VAN|3|14:30|Smyl|5| (maj)
VAN|3|14:30|Smyl|10|Game misconduct
VAN|3|14:30|Snepsts|5| (maj)
VAN|3|14:30|Snepsts|10|Game misconduct

Getting 2 game misconducts is pretty impressive. I’m pretty sure some players got away with nothing though, since there are far more people fighting in the video than just these guys.

While this was certainly a memorable brouhaha, it was overshadowed by other events from that day. Normally, a bench-clearing brawl will grab the sports headlines. Unfortunately for the Flyers & Canucks, the USA beat the USSR in the Olympics at Lake Placid that same day.

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