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Video: Unveiling of Chinese Olympics Channel Goes Awry Due to Cheating Sports Anchor

The upcoming Olympics in Beijing is a source of major pride for China. The Chinese are going all out to make sure these Olympic Games are the best ever and that the world sees China positively.

Someone should have told that to Hu Ziwei, wife of Zhang Bin, one of the top sports anchors on Chinese state Accutane. Or maybe someone should have told that to Zhang Bin, since it was his actions that caused this in the first place.

During a televised press conference promoting the official change of CCTV’s sports channel to the Olympics Channel, Hu Ziwei, who is also an anchor on another news station, took the stage.

"Today is a special day for The Olympic Channel, and a special day for Mr. Zhang Bin, and for me too," said Hu. "Because just two hours ago, I found out that besides me, Mr. Zhang Bin has been maintaining an improper relationship with another woman."

Ouch. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned who has access to the press and can embarrass you in front of the entire country… no wait, the entire world.

If China has sports bloggers, they are undoubtedly rushing to create blogs with witty titles relating to the incident, following the American examples of sites such as With Leather, Hugging Harold Reynolds and Kissing Suzy Kolber.

Here are a few suggestions to get the ball rolling:

Zhang Bin Cheating
Zhang Bin’s Wang
Hu Ziwei to My Heart

Cheated wife causes stir at China TV Olympic event (Yahoo!)

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