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Good News: Female Soccer Fans Pose for Nude Calendar to Support Team. Bad News: One of Them is 101-years-old

Everyone likes a good nude calendar, especially for charity. The key word there is good.

Fans of Ancaster Athletic, a children’s soccer team in England, are posing nude to raise money to support the kids. Yes, that’s right, grown-ups are getting naked to help children. Where is Chris Hansen when you need him?

One of the fans electing to bare it all is 101-year-old Nora Hardwick.

Nora said, “I’m always game for anything – especially if it’s for charity. And I did enjoy it, although I don’t suppose I’ll do it again.”

On this Thanksgiving, all of England is grateful that she won’t be doing it again, and they don’t even celebrate the holiday.

101-year-old gets kit off for calendar (

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