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A Few College Rivalry Resources for the Humor Impaired

We’re in the middle of rivalry season in college football, and you know what that means. Jokes and good fun at the expense of your rival school. While some games have already been played, there are many key matchups still out there for you to focus your attention on.

Here are a couple of resources to get ready for the big game.

Courtesy of The Smoking Gun, we have a gallery of mug shots of people wearing the apparel of various schools. If you’re lucky, your rival school is depicted here, so you can be sure to point these out to any friends who went there. Arizona State is proudly represented by a puppy-dog-eyed douchebag. He’s very sad that he made that mess on the rug and promises not to do it again.

Everyone loves a good joke at the expense of their rival school. You’ve heard many of these jokes before, often with different schools interchanged. This site takes all of the work out of finding and adapting jokes. Just select your school and your rival school, and let RivalJokes do the rest.

A few random (okay, very random) examples:

Q. What did the UTEP graduate say to the Middle Tennessee State graduate?
A. “Welcome to McDonald’s. May I take your order, please?”

One day in an elementary school in Mount Pleasant, MI, a teacher asks her class if the CMU Chippewas are their favorite Cephalexin uses team. The whole class says yes, except for Little Jimmy.
The teacher asks, “What’s your favorite football team Jimmy?”
Little Jimmy says, “The Wyoming Cowboys “
The teacher asks, “Well, why is that?”
Little Jimmy says, “Well, my dad is a Cowboy fan, my mom is a Cowboy fan, I guess that makes me a Cowboy fan.”
The teacher angered by his reply says, “If your dad was a moron and your mom was an idiot what would that make you?”
Little Jimmy says, “Well, I guess that would make me a Central Lexapro dosage fan.”

It was reported that Arizona head football coach Mike Stoops will only be dressing twenty players for the Louisiana-Lafayette game. The rest of the players will have to get dressed by themselves.


Have any other good (clean, of course) jokes about your rivals that haven’t been as worn out as the ones above? Comment below.

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