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Augustin Binya is Not a Fan of the Shins, Tries to Break Celtic’s Scott Brown’s in Champions League Match

During Tuesday night’s Champions League clash between Benfica and Celtic, Augustin Binya made a tackle on Celtic midfielder Scott Brown that can only be described as horrific.

After the match, Brown said, “[It's] shocking, I don’t think the guy should ever have done that. He obviously tried to do me as hard as possible.” (Michael Scott: ‘That’s what she said’)

Brown is very lucky that his leg was not snapped in half. Binya received an immediate red card, and is likely to face a strong suspension as UEFA will not look kindly on this.

As for Brown, he did leave the game (which Celtic won 1-0), but he should be fine, apart from a sore shin. He is expected to be available for Scotland’s crucial Euro 2008 qualifier against Italy in 2 weeks.

UEFA to probe Binya’s horror tackle (Times Online)

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