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A Complete & Irrelevant Breakdown of College Gameday’s Trip to Williamstown, Massachusetts

College Gameday is heading to Massachusetts this Saturday to cover the Division III match-up between the Williams Ephs and the Amherst Lord Jeffery Amhersts.

The folks at ESPN apparently decided that while Division III football might be obscure, it couldn’t be any worse than watching Nebraska or Notre Dame. This match-up is so big that it even has a nickname: “The Biggest Little Game in America.”

If you’re like everyone, you have no clue who these schools are. We’re here to change that. Read on, and learn more. Today, sports meets history!

We’ll start with the Amherst Lord Jeffrey Amhersts.

Amherst Lord Jeffrey Amhersts:

Williams Ephs:

  • What the hell is an Eph? If you go by their mascot, your first guess would be a purple cow. That would be incorrect. The school is named after Ephraim Williams, who left his estate in support of founding the school after he got shot in the head during the French & Indian War. However, no portraits of Eph are available, so it is still possible that he was indeed a giant purple cow. It’s hard to camouflage yourself in battle when you’re a purple cow.
  • Like Amherst, Williams didn’t admit men for most of their history, but went co-ed 5 years earlier, in 1970.
  • Williams College is ranked as the #1 liberal arts school in the country. Take that, Amherst!
  • Famous grads include: James A. Garfield, Elia Kazan, David Strathairn, Fay Vincent and George Steinbrenner.

The breakdown:

It’s not often you see a match-up between two schools with mascots named after a singular person. In this case, we have Lord Jeffery Amherst vs. Ephraim Williams. Both served in the military, but while Amherst was showing take-no-prisoners mentality (literally – who wants a smallpox-infected prisoner?), Williams got shot in the head. Take Amherst in this one. If this football season has shown us anything, it’s that the most ruthless team always wins.

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