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Martina Hingis Retires From Professional Tennis Before She Gets Tempted to Snort the Baseline

Martina Hingis revealed today that she is under investigation after testing positive for cocaine at Bactrim ds dosage.

She denied the allegations, but announced that she is retiring from professional Clomid.

Hingis said, “I have tested positive but I have never taken drugs and I feel 100% innocent. The reason I have come out with this is because I do not want to have a fight with anti-doping authorities. Because of my age and my health problems I have also decided to retire from professional tennis.”

Typically, people who know they are innocent will fight such allegations, if only to clear their names. The fact that Martina is not putting up a fight, could say a lot. However, considering her Buying clomid online cheap us, she was most likely set to retire anyway, and did not want to bother with a long-drawn out appeal that would not affect her playing career. She maintains her innocence, saying that while 2 urine samples tested positive, a hair sample came up negative. She went on to say:

They say that cocaine increases self-confidence and creates a type of euphoria. I don’t know. I only know that if I were to try to hit the ball while in any state of euphoria, it simply wouldn’t work. I would think that it would be impossible for anyone to maintain the coordination required to play top class tennis while under the influence of drugs. And I know one other thing – I would personally be terrified of taking drugs.

While Hingis dominated the tennis world for a few years, winning 5 Grand Slam singles titles and 9 Grand Slam doubles titles, she will now most likely be remembered for the injuries that derailed her career, as well as these new allegations. Drug claims aside, it’s always sad to see a professional athlete forced to retire due to injury before completing a full career.

Hingis makes drugs test admission (BBC Sport)
Complete Hingis interview transcript (Times Online)

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