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Should the National League adopt the designated hitter?

Howard Bryant makes an interesting argument in support of the National League adopting the designated hitter.

He believes that AL teams are at a distinct advantage by having a designated hitter in their ballparks during the World Series and interleague games, an advantage that is not balanced out by there not being a DH in National League parks.

Personally, I love National League baseball the way it is. The strategy is much more interesting to watch unfold. If National League baseball is like chess, then American League baseball is like checkers. One is not necessarily better than the other – they’re just different. I would hate to see the DH introduced in the NL. While it would make sense to have all of Major League Baseball playing under the same rules, I wouldn’t want to see the DH abolished from the American League either.

I do see Bryant’s point, and I do think that something should be done somehow to make things more even between the two leagues, I just don’t think using the DH is the best solution. The best start would be to go back to alternating home-field advantage for the World Series. This year, the Rockies had only one player play in the All-Star Game that controlled the scheduling of this year’s World Series. Going back to alternating would at least mitigate the DH benefit in 4 of the 7 games every other year.

What do you think? Should the NL start using the DH? Should the AL stop using it? Should everything just stay the same?

Bryant: Time for NL to adopt the DH (ESPN)

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