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Soccer Mom Attacks Coach For Giving Her Wrong Directions

If someone gave you incorrect directions somewhere would you:
A) Calmly notify the person that the directions were wrong, and correct the mistake

B) Do nothing since you managed to get there anyway, and that’s all that’s important
C) Hit the person in the face with a folding chair

If you answered C), then you must be Alicia Vigil of East Rockaway, NY!

Angry that the coach of her daughter’s team had e-mailed her incorrect directions to the match, Ms. Vigil went vigilante and decided that the best way to rectify the issue would be to hit the coach in the face with a folding chair, cutting his lip and cheek.

She was arrested at her home on a charge of second-degree reckless endangerment. Not quite sure what that means, other than that hitting someone in the head with a chair is apparently “reckless endangerment.”

Soccer Mom Charged in Assault on Coach (Newsday)

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