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Going to the Training Room is a Pain in the Ass for Jon Runyan

On the Philadelphia Eagles’ injury report this week, Jon Runyan is listed as probable (glute).

Your first guess might be that he just strained a muscle. Not exactly.

It seems that while entering the cold water tub in the training room, Runyan slipped and landed on the edge of the tub – with his coccyx.

“It’s frustrating, because you’re getting in the tub to kind of take care of your body, and you end up hurtin’ yourself. So it’s very ironic and, at the same time, frustrating,” Runyan said.

While he could have landed in a worse spot, he sat stood out practice on Friday. He is expected to play on Sunday, but will undoubtedly be the butt of many jokes.

Runyan: My tail will be on field (Philadelphia Daily News)

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