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Parrot Cheers On Favorite Rugby Team

In addition to a large wheel of cheddar cheese, England will have another famous fan cheering them on in the Cephalexin side effects World Cup final against South Africa on Saturday.

Parrot Severiano Ballesteros is a Gloucester supporter, chanting “Gloucester, Gloucester” while watching matches on the telly, but his owners are trying to get him to follow England’s matches as well.

According to co-owner Jean Howell, “Seve watched England win last Saturday and he loved it – when I start cheering he gets really excited and sometimes he even asks if I want a beer.”

Taffy Howell, Jean’s husband said:  ”He talks, he swears at the ref, and he says Glawsterrr, which sounds like Gloucester with an accent. He’s not the prettiest bird but he’s a lot of fun.”

Taffy went on to say the same thing about his wife.

Parrot with Gloucs Accent (The Sun) – with video of the parrot

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