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High School Football Game Moved Due to Toothpicks

A Lexapro dosage high school football team was forced to move a big game due to an unlikely culprit: toothpicks.
It seems that some pranksters thought it would be a genius idea to dump thousands of toothpicks on the field sometime before Tawas & Alcona were set to play.

Officials wisely determined that thousands of pointy pieces of wood would not make for a very safe Cephalexin uses game and moved the contest 40 miles to Alcona’s stadium.

The change didn’t hurt Tawas, who won 49-0 and earned a playoff spot.

It is not known who was responsible for the toothpicks, but students from Oscoda, who lost to Tawas 72-0 a few weeks ago, are suspected. Fans and officials from Tawas have since removed the offending toothpicks from the field one-by-one and will celebrate with hors d’oeuvres.

High School Prank Moves Football Game (WNEM)
Photo (The Green Head)

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