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Italian Soccer Club Signs Sponsorship Deal With Escort Service

An Italian Cialis soft vs cialis club is taking the idea of fostering relationships across borders to a whole new level.
Fourth division club Trentino 1921 has signed a sponsorship deal worth 10,000 Euros – with an escort service across the Austrian border in nearby Innsbruck.

The escort service is called Casa Bianca, or White House. According to the service, it is the “home of pleasure” and a “sensuous place to get everything you want.”

Through meticulous research on the brothel’s website (sorry guys, this is a family site – you’ll have to track it down yourselves), it appears one hour with a girl costs 180 Euros.

Let’s see… 10,000 Euros… divided by 180 Euros….

Trentino 1921 can now spend 55.55 hours at the brothel that is now sponsoring them.

Needless to say, the deal has caused some controversy, namely with the female councillor of sport, Iva Brasi, who said “If I am offended I can imagine that the women of the town must also feel as angry and as offended as I do. I hope that Trentino reconsider this agreement and remind them that they also receive council funds as well.”

The club likely responded by thanking Ms. Brasi for reminding them about the council funds, which they then took to go spend at the brothel.

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