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English Soccer Fans to Bid on “WE57 HAM” License Plate

Many American sports fans have personalized license plates to support their favorite team. These plates cost extra, of course, but usually not anything that will break the bank.

In Canadian generic retin, they have a different system where highly desirable plates are put up for auction. In the past, these auctions have gone as high as £36,000 ($72,000 or so) for a license plate that read “AR53 NAL” (Arsenal).

Later this month, the license plate “WE57 HAM” (West Ham) will go on the auction block. Bidding is expected to surpass the “AR53 NAL” record, especially because David Wells plans on putting in a high offer to commemorate the weekend in which he ate 57 hams while vacationing in London.

This begs the question: Just how much would you pay for a license plate for your favorite team? If any of you out there already have a personalized plate supporting a team, feel free to share it with us.

Mad Drivers Bid For “WE57 HAM” Plate

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