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World’s Worst Goalie Laments From Hungarian Jail That He Can’t Watch NHL Games

Attila Ambrus was not a very good goaltender.

He once gave up 23 goals in a game, and 88 in 5 games for the UTE hockey club in Hungary, something that has not been matched even by the Chicago Blackhawks.

While he was on the team, he also served as the team’s janitor and Zamboni driver, and somehow also found time to work as a gravedigger, dogwalker and pelt-smuggler.

Following his illustrious playing career, Ambrus managed to find something that he was actually successful at: robbing banks.

For years, as the Whiskey Robber, he robbed Eastern European banks, giving female bank tellers flowers as he robbed them, and sending bottles of wine to the detectives who were trying to catch him. He could also be found near banks he had just robbed, wearing a costume and getting drunk.

Ambrus was finally arrested after being cornered in 1999 and has been in jail ever since, save for a 3 month period when he escaped using bedsheets and rope.

One of the Whiskey Robber’s biggest regrets? Not getting to watch very many NHL games. Ambrus said in an interview that “The only time I can see clips is through the state-owned Hungarian television channel.”

He shouldn’t complain though, as he still gets to see more action than U.S. fans do, since the state-owned Hungarian television channel is easier to find than Versus.

World’s Worst Goalie Spins Amazing Tale (

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