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Our Favorite Imprisoned Litigator Sues Bill Belichick, Tom Brady & Randy Moss

Jonathan Lee Riches is a complete whack-job attention-seeker, but his crazy lawsuits are always entertaining.
You may remember Mr. Riches from such frivolous lawsuits as: “Barry Bonds Sold Mustard Gas to Saddam Hussein” and “Michael Vick is Affiliated with Al-Qaeda.”

This time around, the New England Patriots are his target, suing Bill Belichick, Tom Brady & Randy Moss for an array of offenses.

Among the highlights:

  • Belichick gave Tom Brady’s parents $250,000 for a house on Cape Cod, in exchange for him playing for the Patriots. Belichick also made sure that Drew Bledsoe would get hurt.
  • Belichick is the real father of Tom Brady’s child.
  • Belichick has placed cameras in the bathroom stalls at Gillette Stadium, he then sells the footage to Idaho Senator Larry Craig.
  • Belichick sends Randy Moss to Boston hospitals to record ultrasounds, and to red lights to record those as well
  • Belichick had Randy Moss plant a Radio Shack recording device on Shawne Merriman
  • Belichick had Tom Brady plant a recording device in Donovan McNabb’s Chunky Soup prior to the Super Bowl. He ate it.

Suddenly, Donovan McNabb’s vomiting in the huddle makes a lot more sense.

Belichick Scandal Widens (The Smoking Gun)

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