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Tired of Being Constant Subject of Trade Rumors, Shawn Marion Requests Trade, Creating More Trade Rumors

As others have written, Shawn Marion, you are an enigma.

At times, you can be brilliant.

At other times, you disappear on the court.

At times, you make Suns fans think that you are the ultimate team player, filling up stat sheets.

At other times, you make Suns fans think you are selfish and have a terrible attitude. This is one of those times.

It has undoubtedly been hard to hear trade rumors throughout your career. You have been rumored to go to almost every team at some point. This summer, you could have gone to Boston in a deal involving Kevin Garnett, but you quashed that deal.

Now, a couple of months later, you are suddenly wanting to be traded, after new rumors sprang up involving Andrei Kirilenko, and after your alleged contract extension demands (3 years, $20 million per) were ignored.

You think you are unappreciated, yet you are the highest paid player on the Suns. You are set to make $16.4 million this season, and you have an option for $17.8 million next season. Yet you still feel slighted. Maybe you should look in your bank account next time you are feeling blue. You want even more money, yet you haven’t given the Suns and their fans any reason to believe that your attitude would change if you got it. Let’s face it, not getting that extension is the main reason why you want out. Now that your request has not been granted, those trade rumors don’t sound so bad.

You are playing for one of the best teams in the league, a team that many have tabbed to win the championship. You have Steve Nash getting you the ball in ways that don’t require you to exert much effort to finish. Who would get you the ball in say, L.A.? Kobe? Good luck with that. If you go to L.A., you’re still not going to be the top dog that you want to be. You never will be. You are a great player, one of the most versatile in the NBA. But despite that, you have your share of weaknesses, weaknesses that require others around you to make you great.

You want your money, you want your respect. Who doesn’t? You have gotten plenty of both in Phoenix. You have it around the league as well, judging by the amount of teams that have inquired about your services the past few years (who by the way, were the ones to start many of the trade rumors, making it look like the Suns were actively shopping you around at times when they weren’t).

Maybe Phoenix is too small of a market for you. Maybe you don’t like having to share the spotlight. That sounds a lot like another Suns player who left in recent years – Joe Johnson. Perhaps you should ask him how he’s been doing since he left.

If you’re just looking for a paycheck like Joe was, then maybe this isn’t the place for you anymore. Athletes who want to win, like Tom Brady & Peyton Manning, are willing to sacrifice personal financial gain for the good of the team, to get that ring. You, on the other hand, want money that would cripple the Suns financially (even more so than now).

Suns fans no longer settle for just having a good team. They want a championship, and they want it now. They know that the door is closing on that opportunity in the next couple of years.

Will you be one of the ones who helps bring that title through that door, or will that door be hitting you in the ass on the way out?

You can either try to be the hero to millions of people, or you can be just another athlete who is only about himself. The choice is yours.

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