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Tommy Lasorda Celebrates 80 Motherf-ing Years

Today Tommy Lasorda celebrates 80 years on this planet.

While the Dodgers celebrated the octogenarian last week, we’re going to honor Lasorda in a slightly different way with some of his great comedy moments over the years.

This first photo is of a napping Lasorda from Spring Training in Florida this year. Don’t worry, Tommy, the rest of us fall asleep watching the Dodgers play too.

And who can forget Tommy toppling over backward in the 2001 All-Star Game after getting hit by a piece of Vladimir Guerrero’s bat? Sadly, Youtube fails us and the video of the incident is nowhere to be found.

Finally, the link below has a collection of Tommy’s best interviews and broadcasting moments over his long career. The audio is very much not safe for work, and quite likely you will learn several new words. I’m pretty sure the man has Tourette’s. For those of you who have no problem with some very colorful language, enjoy.

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