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Brazilian Soccer Star Draws Ire Of Opponents By Bouncing Ball Off His Head Like a Seal, $7,500 fine from NFL

Brazilians play Cialis soft vs cialis with a flair that cannot be matched by mere mortals. It seems though that even they may have their limits when it comes to flamboyance on the soccer field.

19-year-old soccer star Kerlon of Cruzeiro is pushing those limits. On multiple occasions, Kerlon has bounced the ball off his head while running down the field, pissing off opponents who find it difficult to stop him without fouling him. As you can see in the above video, one guy (Coelho) did find a way to put an end to his antics, only to draw a red card and possible year suspension for his trouble.

Brazil is split on the issue. Players and former players seem to take offense to the “seal dribble”, while commentators and fans support allowing him to do the move. “He only does it because he is able to,” GloboEsporte columnist Ledio Carmona said. “Those who are not can only applaud.” On the other side was defender Luiz Alberto, who said, “I know I may be punished for what I’m going to say, but I would take Kerlon out if I was in Coelho’s position. That (dribble) disrespects the players who are on the other side.” Kerlon himself said: “I’ll never stop doing the play. They’ll need to create a new law if they want me to stop.”

What’s your take? Is this a harmless move that makes the beautiful game more enjoyable, or is it a show of disrespect that embarrasses opponents?

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