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For the Golfer Who Has Everything and Wants Everyone to Know That He Has Everything: The Escalade Golf Cart

Anyone who has ever killed time on an airplane flight knows that the Skymall catalog is filled with items ranging from the downright cool and useful to the intriguingly useless to the completely bizarre to the ridiculously extravagant.

For most of us, the Escalade golf cart would fit in the latter category, unless you are Tiger Woods, and even then you’d prefer a Buick.

From Skymall:

All Berline electric carts are built on a new Club Car chassis, hand-laid fiberglass body, marine-grade vinyl seats (choice of colors), custom paint (choice of colors), and chrome mirrors. Available options include: 15″ Billet Rims/Tires, Alpine AM/FM/CD Stereo and Speakers, Custom Hard Top & Frame (matching color), Chrome Tilt Steering Wheel Column, Golf Bag Holder and Hitch, and Billet Grille (Escalade model only).

Yes, your new $13,995 golf cart doesn’t even come with a golf bag holder as part of the standard package. If you can afford a golf cart at that price in the first place, you can afford to hire someone else to drive a 2nd golf cart around just to carry your clubs.

Side note: If you like tech stuff and gadgets, go check out Crave. While many of the posts deal with high-end items and robots that will kill us all, they also post about items you might actually be able to afford, such as the forthcoming Star Wars game for the Wii, which will allow players to use the remote as a lightsabre. Even non-Star Wars fans can appreciate how cool that is.

The Cadillac of golf carts, literally (Crave)

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