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Boom Goes the Dynamite: Albanians Try Their Best to Destroy Country Following Euro Qualifier Loss to Holland

The closing moments of this week’s Euro 2008 qualifying match between Albania and Holland were explosive both on and off the pitch.

In extra time, Dutch defender Mario Melchiot was heading to throw the ball in when a fan tossed a firecracker at him, which exploded not far from his head.

The video above has highlights of the match, including the explosives incident (shown at the very beginning, as well as about 3 minutes in), a bit of a brawl, and the lone goal scored.

Meanwhile, an Albanian fish-deliveryman made good on a promise he had made before the match. Vilson Alushi had promised in a bet with no-one in particular that he would set his car on fire if Albania failed to at least get a point against the Dutch.

One Rudd van Nistelrooy goal later, Mr. Alushi was pouring gasoline on his vehicle, quickly setting it ablaze.

His friends called the firefighters, presumably fighting off fits of laughter at the expense of their idiotic friend. The fire brigade quickly arrived to try and save the car.

There was only one problem: the water tank on their truck was dry. Apparently, people living near the fire station had drained it, as Albania has water shortages. Unable to do anything to stop the blaze, they likely started making fun of Alushi as well.

PS, in non-incendiary, non-Albanian news, Scotland also beat France this week to go to the top of their group in Euro 2008 qualifying.

No water to douse fire of Albania’s loss to Dutch (Yahoo)
The French are toast (

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