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Manchester United Boss Sir Alex Ferguson Punched in the Groin By Drunken Homeless Man

With their team currently sitting in 8th place in the standings after a slow start to the year, some Manchester United fans might feel like they have been punched in the groin.

Their team’s manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, also feels like he has been punched in the groin, but that’s because he was – by a drunken homeless man.

While waiting for his car at Euston Station in London, Sir Alex was approached by fellow Scotsman Kevin Reynolds, who proceeded to commit a hand ball. Reynolds, who had consumed a half a bottle of vodka and some beer, then reportedly said, “I’m sorry Fergie. I did not know it was you.”

Since, of course, it’s perfectly appropriate to punch other random strangers in their happy zone as long as they are not Alex Ferguson.

“Fighting drunk” punched Sir Alex (The Guardian)

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