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Angry Wade Boggs Runs Off With Fishing Tournament Trophy, Yelling Something About Pitt the Elder

I don’t know how fishing tournaments work, nor do I really care.

I just know that Wade Boggs doesn’t like losing them, especially when he was apparently the rightful winner.

After ex-Denver Bronco Mark Cooper was incorrectly declared the victor in a celebrity fishing tournament, an angry Boggs said, “I caught two fish and you caught one and you win?” He then ran out of the room with the trophy.

Capt. Gary Ellis, judge of the event, said, “Oh, I just screwed up. It just dawned on me that Wade was right. The grand-champion celebrity has to be Wade Boggs because he caught two fish and Coop only caught one. Oh, I’ve got to call Wade and tell him he won.”

It appears that all is now well in the land of competitive celebrity fishing, as Wade has been declared the victor. You may resume not caring about fishing.

Boggs Robbed of Title (

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