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Video: We Will, We Will… Lick You? Rugby Fans Attack Australian Reporter

If you heard that a sports reporter had a fan try to stick their tongue in his or her ear, and then the same reporter got tackled by other fans, you’d probably think that it was just a bunch of drunken guys being over exuberant with Erin Andrews.

In this case, it’s just a bunch of drunken Australian rugby fans mauling reporter Ben Davis on camera while he tried to broadcast outside the Brisbane Broncos/Melbourne Storm NRL finals match.

Said Davis, “They had been hanging around during the commercial break and I had said to them ‘if you want to carry on on national television that is fine; just don’t touch me on air’”.

Needless to say, they ignored this request.

“There was about four or five of them, I confronted (one) off air, saying ‘I don’t come to your workplace and do this’ and then his brother and a couple of others came in and hit me in the head a couple of times. We all ended up on the ground.”

Police are still looking for the men, though certainly someone will recognize them, considering they wisely carried out their attack in front of a cameraman on live TV.

The news went on without Davis reporting on the match, with one of his colleagues saying afterward, “We saw him being teased in the first piece, then in the second piece the guy came up and tried to stick his tongue in his ear, then in the third he was tackled; so we decided not to go back to him for the fourth piece.”

How kind of them.

Sports Reporter Attacked by Rugby Fans (

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