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University of New Hampshire QB Charged With Murdering Surfer

University of New Hampshire backup quarterback Henri “Hank” Hendricks is one of 5 men who are being charged with the California murder of Emery Kauanui Jr., a professional surfer.

According to the Keflex price in canada, the five are all part of a gang called the Bird Rock Bandits, known for their “hard partying” ways. During the investigation, a “notebook full of ‘Bird Rock Bandit’ symbols depicting wounded warriors tattooed with ‘BRB’ and Nazi symbols, such as lightning bolts and swastikas” was found at the home of one of the men charged. They sound like a lovely group of gentlemen.

On May 24th, Kauanui accidentally spilled his drink on House. The five men, including Hendricks, Seth Cravens, Eric House, Matthew Yanke and Orlando Osuna, then followed him home and beat him. He died from his Buying clomid online cheap us 4 days later.

Hendricks was not originally included as a suspect, but he came forward after Kauanui died and said that he was there as well. Needless to say, he has been suspended from the UNH team.

People have drinks spilled on them every day, but most don’t respond by killing the person who did it. If they did, colleges would be empty. When will people learn to let little things like that go, rather than ruining that person’s life, their family’s, their friends’ and their own?

UNH Backup Quarterback Charged With Murder (WMUR)

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