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TBS Postseason Billboard Promotes Team That is Unlikely to Make Postseason

What’s wrong with this picture of TBS’s Midtown Manhattan billboard promoting the postseason?

We have David Ortiz, of the division leading Red Sox. We’ve got Derek Jeter, of the wild card leading Yankees. There’s also David Wright, of the first place Mets.

The other guy? Yeah, that’s John Smoltz of the 3rd place Braves, who are 4.5 games out of the division lead and 5 games out of the wild card spot.

We all know that TBS is the Braves station (or at least it is for a few more weeks until they start showing national games and cease their Braves coverage), but if they are going to put John Smoltz on a giant billboard for the postseason, maybe they should show him carrying golf clubs instead.

For those who are wondering, the Braves currently have a 17.1471% chance of making the playoffs. They are by no means eliminated, but TBS could have picked from 11 other teams that are more likely to make the playoffs and are not featured on the billboard. If you figure they wanted 2 AL & 2 NL teams, that still leaves 7 better choices.

With ESPN covering the Red Sox/Yankees bias, TBS probably just wanted to make sure another team got some biased love as well. Despite this, it’s still a better promotion than anything involving Dane Cook.

Little Presumptuous On That Billboard, TBS? (Best Week Ever)

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