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Italian Soccer Coach Takes Ass Kicking to a Whole New Level


When someone says they are going to kick another team’s ass, it’s not usually taken as a literal statement.

Someone might want to tell that to Catania coach Silvio Baldini.

During Sunday’s 2-2 draw against Parma, Baldini got into an argument with his managerial counterpart, Domenico Di Carlo. As Di Carlo walked away, Baldini decided to get the last word by giving him a swift kick to the rear end. He was promptly ejected and has been the butt of many jokes on Italian television.

Following the match, Baldini said, “I say sorry to the fans of Parma. I am not [apologizing] to him because he deserved it, he provoked me.”

The lesson here, of course, is that it’s perfectly okay to kick someone in the ass if they deserved it. If someone turns the other cheek, that’s your opportunity to go right ahead and kick it.

Catania coach faces fine after kicking rival (Reuters)

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