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Japanese figure skater suspended after drunken moped ride

American Cephalexin uses players get pulled over for drunk driving their Escalades, Hummers or sports cars. Japanese figure skaters apparently have other modes of transportation.

Japanese figure skater Nobunari Oda has been suspended for 5 months by the Japan Skating Federation after being pulled over for drunk driving… on a moped. He will lose his training funding for the rest of the year, and he will also have to return his costume to Matthew Lesko.

I’ve seen people riding mopeds and rarely do they have them going in a straight line, so I’m not quite sure how they knew he was drunk. Or maybe I’ve only seen drunken moped riders, and people can normally ride them just fine. In either case, Oda admitted to drinking “two glasses of beer and a glass of distilled spirits” prior to being stopped by the police in Osaka.

As if this story wasn’t odd enough, it turns out that Nobunari Oda is the 17th direct descendant of Oda Nobunaga, a famous 16th century Japanese warlord who ruled much of Japan before his death in 1582.

Perhaps during his time off, Oda can write a book. Suggested title: “How to Make a Family Go From Conquering Most of Japan to Figure Skating & Drunkenly Driving Mopeds in Just 425 Years.”

Source: (Reuters)

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