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Off the Woodwork: The Opening Kickoff

Greetings! You are part of history. Why is that, you ask? You are getting to read the very first edition of Off the Woodwork, our new roundup of all things Cialis soft vs cialis.

Off the Woodwork won’t have any strict format or schedule (at least for now), but from time to time, I’ll be featuring videos of outstanding plays or bloopers each post, as well as any important or offbeat news stories out there. In addition to this, I will also recap some of the other top submissions, so as always you are encouraged to submit your own stories and videos to be featured on the site. As the European leagues get started in the next couple of weeks, there will plenty of action out there to follow.

This edition’s video features all of the goals scored in yesterday’s SuperLiga match between the Beckham-less Los Angeles Galaxy and FC Dallas. Leave yourself a few minutes to watch, as this match featured a whopping 11 goals! L.A. stormed out to a 4-0 lead just 18 minutes into the match, but Dallas came back with 4 goals in the final 12 minutes. L.A. hung on to win 6-5. It was not a particularly good day for the goalkeepers or defenders, but the finishing on the goals was outstanding. The best goal of the match was waved off because of a somewhat questionable offside call, but goal or not, Carlos Ruiz had an amazing bicycle kick into the back of the net. The MLS will be well on its way if they keep scoring highlight reel goals like these. If anyone ever says that soccer is boring and they hate that scoring is low, just point them in the direction of this video.

In other news, the United States National Team will be traveling to the cesspool otherwise known as Estadio Azteca in Mexico City for a friendly against Mexico on September 9th. The U.S. will not be expected to win this match, since they have never beaten Mexico there, so they will have nothing to lose by playing this one. Once they get that first win at Azteca though, Mexico had better be scared since they will then know that the United States can and will beat them anywhere. Hopefully, Bob Bradley will have his full roster of players available for the match, even though it will only be a friendly. The match will be broadcast on ESPN2.

Finally, European soccer leagues will get underway in the coming weeks. Here are some key start dates:

Scotland: August 4th
France: August 4th
Germany: August 10th
England: August 11th
Italy: August 26th
Spain: August 27th

That’s it for the inaugural edition of Off the Woodwork. Thanks for reading, and I’ll be on the lookout for your submissions for the next edition.

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