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Craig Biggio to hang up pine tar-covered helmet at end of this season

It has been rumored for some time now, but Craig Biggio has officially announced that this will be his last season as a Major League baseball player.

Biggio has played for the Houston Astros since 1988, a remarkable feat for any player in the free-agency era.

“Retiring is not an easy thing to do,” Biggio said. “But it’s time. How many guys get the opportunity to do it the way they want to do it? You’re pretty much writing your own story here, as far as walking away when you want to walk away. It’s not taken away.

“It’s just time. That hurts. But you hear bad stories sometimes that guys waited too long (to retire) and I don’t want a bad taste in the fans’ mouths that I played too long. Then they remember me on the down side, the bad side. It can’t get any better than it has been this year.

“I’m going out on top. Other than a World Series, the (3,000th) hit thing was unbelievable. To me, I’m going out on top. It makes me feel great, being able to do it this way. And the fans can remember you on a positive note.”

Biggio will be remembered that way for sure, as he will undoubtedly receive a warm send-off by the Houston fans, as well as fans in the rest of the ballparks he will visit this season. As part of that send-off, he plans to work behind the plate as a catcher for at least one inning in his final game against the Atlanta Braves on September 30th, but only if the game does not affect any playoff races.

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Craig Biggio Becomes 27th Player to Reach 3,000 Hits (FanIQ)

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