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Democracy Spreads to China, One Pole Dancing Competition at a Time

I’m not entirely sure if a pole dancing competition is a sport, but I’m going to declare it so. If anyone wants to argue it, you can go watch wrestling or something.

Recently, the first ever Chinese pole dancing competition was held in Beijing, drawing 50 competitors.

The competition was promoted by Luo Lan, who runs the Lolan Pole Dancing Club.

According to Mr. or Ms. Lan (help anyone?), pole dancing has “nothing to do with sex” and it is a “healthy and positive” way of getting exercise and improving self-image. The theme of the contest was  “fitness and fashion”, and it was supported by the Asian Bodybuilding Federation.

If this is the reason why Yi Jianlian doesn’t want to go to Milwaukee, I am pretty sure there is pole dancing there. Sure, the girls have been brought up on a diet of cheese, beer and bratwurst, but there’s just more to love.

Source: (Weird Asia News)

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