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Gus Johnson brokers peace talks between Bill Simmons & Isiah Thomas

History is filled with feuds and peace negotiations – Israel & Palestine, Catholics & Protestants in Northern Ireland, Gary Sheffield and pretty much everyone… but no feud has been bigger than the one between Bill Simmons & Isaiah Thomas. Unfortunately for those of us who love random drama between 2 people, peace has broken out between the two, according to Simmons’ column today.

Improbably, I ran into one of my favorite announcers, Gus Johnson, who loves me because I love him. Just as I was about to make Gus announce a few of my blackjack hands (“Here’s the double-down card … OHHHHHHHH, IT’S A 10!!!!!”), he implored me to come over and meet Isiah Thomas — that’s right, my frequent column target, who once threatened “trouble” if we ever met on the street.

After I explained to Gus why this would be a horrible idea, he countered, “Hold on, I got this; I’ll fix this.” He left while I kept playing blackjack, wondering how to defend myself if Isiah came at me with a piña colada. Minutes later, Gus waved me over and introduced me to Isiah, who was quite gracious and gave me 30 minutes.

I explained my side, he explained his, and that was that. Maybe the details don’t matter as much as the story itself: Gus Johnson brokering peace talks between me and Isiah Thomas at a topless pool in Vegas.

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t a big feud, but seriously, who would you rather have brokering peace for you, Jimmy Carter or Gus Johnson?

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