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Video: Let’s Go Down Together: 2 People Run on Field During Diamondbacks Postgame Concert, Get Tackled by Security

(Alternate post title: People in Arizona Are Still Crazy)

Yesterday I posted the video of Jeff Salazar’s incredible catch from Friday night’s game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and San Diego Padres. It turns out that wasn’t the only video-worthy moment from that night.

Following the game, there was a live concert by Arizona band Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers. You might know Roger Clyne from the Refreshments, AKA the band that did the theme from “King of the Hill”.

As the band played an old Refreshments song, “Down Together”, 2 people went down on the field together. If you don’t want to hear the whole song, just fast forward to about 1:20 left in the video (about 2:50 in) – that’s where the real action begins.

First, a woman runs through shallow center field, where she is brought down by a painful-looking, open-field tackle by a security guard. That guy needs a tryout with the Arizona Cardinals. The video then pans over to the left field wall, where another man tries to elude security. One security guard misses, but then 2 more catch him. The video is a bit fuzzy, but it appears that one security guard starts punching the man.

Roger Clyne might want to change the lyrics to the song to “we could chase our shadows around ’til we’re both exhausted (or get tackled and beaten up by security)”.

Source: (Baseball Think Factory)

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