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Unhappy With Being Thought of as Gay Superheroes, Arkansas Tech to Change Mascot from Wonder Boys

Wonder Boys was an excellent book and movie, but as a college sports nickname, it doesn’t really strike fear in the hearts of your opponents.

Arkansas Tech is planning on changing its nickname from “Wonder Boys” due to widespread dissatisfaction among students and staff.

A press release expressed concerns over changing meanings of the nickname, saying “these connotations include slurs about an individual’s manhood or race, and the slurs have been used against Tech when recruiting”.

Students have also dressed up as superheroes at sporting events, which adminstrators say “is not consistent with the spirit or the proud history of the name”.

The name was originally coined after a big football victory over noted powerhouse Arkansas State in 1919.

Potental new nicknames include Comets, Copperheads, Sharks and Terrapins. It’s a little known fact that Arkansas has a large shark population.

Here’s a little advice to the school: if you are worried about how people perceive your school, you might want to re-design that logo that features a phallic-looking building with a rounded tip while you are at it.

Source: (MSNBC)

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