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Hoping Lightning Strikes Twice, 4-year-old Signs Driving Contract at Go Kart Track Where F1 Driver Started Out

Lewis Hamiton is taking the F1 world by storm this season. In a couple of decades, perhaps Ben Kasperczak will do the same.

The 4-year-old races go karts on the same track where Hamilton got his start, and he has been signed to a 4 year racing contract where he will be provided go karts and training.

He can’t even ride a bike without training wheels, but he can drive a go kart at over 30mph.

If he is succesful, look for drivers to start signing contracts while still in the womb.

Source: (The Sun)

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  • 250cc gokart

    I can’t imagine someone so young driving. That’s pretty crazy. He’s a brave little boy. I was such a little wimp growing up and this really wouldn’t have been my style. Good for him and his family, finding something he enjoys!

  • CregeKetSwell


  • Perjesshemi