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Beijing officials ban Kevin Youkilis, Mark Zupan from driving taxi cabs during Olympics

As the 2008 Summer Olympics draws nearer, Chinese officials have once again delivered a strong edict. As with most of these directives, Beijing cab drivers have been targeted.

In preparation for the games, the Beijing transportation department has banned taxi drivers from having shaved heads or beards.

Previous directives have prohibited taxi drivers from eating, smoking or spitting in their cars.

Among those affected by the beard/shaved head ban are Kevin Youkilis, Mark Zupan, my dad, David Wells, Uncle Phil from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Jay Buhner, and, if that weird thing under his lip counts as a beard, Howie Mandel.

If any of the men listed above were planning on making some extra money as a Beijing cab driver next summer, they will have to look elsewhere.

Source: (Yahoo)

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