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Gold Cup Final Thread – United States vs. Mexico – And you thought last time was unfriendly

Yes, we’ve used that video before, and no, I don’t care. You’ll undoubtedly see it again. There’s nothing better than “Welcome to the Jungle” and some highlights from previous meetings between the United States and Mexico to get you ready for today’s Gold Cup Final between the two teams.

This is the final matchup that everyone hoped we would have when the Gold Cup began a couple of weeks ago. While the United States has had a reasonably easy time making the final, save for some tense moments at the end of the semifinal against Canada, Mexico lost to Honduras in the Group stage and had to settle for 2nd. They faced Guadeloupe in the semifinal, a country not even recognized by FIFA, and won 1-0 on a goal in the 69th minute. If Mexico doesn’t treat the United States like a real country today, they will be in for another long match. Unfortunately for the American side, they will be playing without Frankie Hejduk and Michael Bradley due to card suspensions.

If anyone else has Fox Soccer Channel or whatever Spanish channel is broadcasting the match (Univision, I beileve), I hope you’ll join me in the thread. Kick-off is at 3pm Eastern, and I will be posting updates throughout as the United States will try to put Mexico in their place once again and secure a spot in the 2009 Confederations Cup in South Africa.

My prediction: 2-0 United States, of course. That was my prediction before the tournament started, and I see no reason to change that now.

On a side note, congratulations to DaMarcus Beasley on his forthcoming transfer to Rangers. I’m very excited to have an American playing for one of my favorite teams once again, following in the footsteps of Claudio Reyna who played for the Scottish club a few years ago. Hopefully, he can help the Glasgow club return to their rightful position at the top of the league.

In case the first video wasn’t enough for you, the video below has highlights from the last time the United States faced Mexico. The U.S. won that “friendly” matchup 2-0 at University of Phoenix Stadium.

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